New Years Resolutions

It’s easy to say I’ve remained chaste all year, it being Jan 3rd and all.. but even if I don’t make it till jan 15th, International Male Chastity Day, I will lock up into my cb6000s, hopefully for over 72 hrs..

As a learning sissy, some of my resolutions continue from previous years:

monthly dressup

pretty up the apartment

lipbalm, nail polish, ball retraction, etc..

no red meat, more tofu, and greens

monthly anal and urethral dilation & practice

More media work and social support

more LGBTQ volunteering

pushing my limits and learning more about myself.

changes from last year:

I wished to take a year of relationships, I am not seeking this year, but will agree to opportunities..

I think I’m done taking courses that are suppose to “help” my work, they were fake as all..

suggestions? I’d love to have some help..


Author: shelli_k18

Effeminate Calgary sissy, looking to push limits, and find dominant friends and usable sissy companions.

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions”

  1. Those are good resolutions. Do you shave everything? That might be a good addition, if you don’t do that already. One thing I’ve set as a goal for myself is that I want to focus on watching more gay porn, LGBTQ+ tv programs and movies, focus more on my bisexual and gender fluid self, maybe that could be something. Are you working toward being a vegetarian? Maybe substituting red meat with various brands of veggie burgers would be a start, or building your own- I used to mash chickpeas, rice, and black beans to make patties and grilled them.


    1. I need help to shave everything (except the top, keep that long!). I’m not looking to become vegetarian yet, just reducing testosterone intake. Red Meat and cool testies I try to avoid. (another plus for panty girdle)

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      1. That’s a good start. I went through a period where I shaved everything. The biggest challenge was my back- I got hairy near my shoulders and lower back, so I’d need help with that, or go to someone to wax me. I tried getting my chest waxed as well. My chest would get these red spots where the hair was, so I eventually gave up on that. Now I just shave my head, face, pubes, and my ass.

        One thing I’ve heard helps is consuming soy products. They don’t contain as much of the ingredients that promote testosterone, not sure how true that is though. Does the panty girdle help with shaping your body?


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