RE:Why You Should Give Up and Observe International Male Chastity Day on the Wrong Date — Cut to the Chaste

Funny, I thought it was March 14th, the upgrade from steak & sex day that cis-men thought would be a proper response to valentines.. March 14th a month after celebrating your relationship, you’re locked chastity is celebrated by your friends in the know. For 24 hrs your lock is on, with health n safety big reasons to break out if need be..

Despite my tireless efforts to educate those who get the date of International Male Chastity Day wrong every year, I continue to find people on Twitter and Tumblr saying it’s on January 14. 516 more words

Why You Should Give Up and Observe International Male Chastity Day on the Wrong Date — Cut to the Chaste

Random Inspection — Such a Sissy

Just because she’s working at home doesn’t mean the random inspections have stopped….She texted me….”I’m in a meeting and it’s boring as hell….what are you doing?”I texted her back…”I’m cleaning your bathroom….””Send me a pic right now!!!!”I sighed and took a selfie….then I got back to work….I hoped that would satisfy her for now….

Random Inspection — Such a Sissy

New Years Resolutions

It’s easy to say I’ve remained chaste all year, it being Jan 3rd and all.. but even if I don’t make it till jan 15th, International Male Chastity Day, I will lock up into my cb6000s, hopefully for over 72 hrs..

As a learning sissy, some of my resolutions continue from previous years:

monthly dressup

pretty up the apartment

lipbalm, nail polish, ball retraction, etc..

no red meat, more tofu, and greens

monthly anal and urethral dilation & practice

More media work and social support

more LGBTQ volunteering

pushing my limits and learning more about myself.

changes from last year:

I wished to take a year of relationships, I am not seeking this year, but will agree to opportunities..

I think I’m done taking courses that are suppose to “help” my work, they were fake as all..

suggestions? I’d love to have some help..


Year 2020 Sissy Resolutions


woman showing her purple lipstick Originally, I wanted this year to be focused on my eyes, my avatar, and the way I portray myself (a fun twist towards 20/20). And that may still apply, I do need to get a doc and proper eye prescriptions. But last 4 yrs, with blue balls being really no fun, and after being single for a year, coerced asexual for 4 yrs and open to submission. Where should I start this new year? Well, it’s good to know I have a couple weeks to really set up this and maybe live the year as my truly -no label can hold me -self.

24/7 – hah, never enough time. Even with part time work, I can’t get the energy to get all dolled up, and let things slide. What will give me that extra bit of direction? Motivation? etc..

Self managing my chastity (CB6000s, Holy Trainer, panty girdle), last year, participating in Locktober and failing 16x, I must say my motivation towards my feminine side has always had.. issues. Maybe the grass is greener just in my head. I’ve not ever had a great relationship with a man, but , well, my 7 yrs with wife, or 9 with last gf, just weren’t exactly stellar either.

So. Yes, one resolution I’ll be continuing from 2019 will be enjoying and dedicating myself to the single life. The bachelor but not hermit, lifestyle.  I will be volunteering for the LGBTQ+ and other areas again as well. I will be making myself available to work for those coworkers who flake, kinda paying it forward, I use to be young.. hehe. I will continue making shelli_k18 a lil more clean, a lil less cheap, though still diy and bargain basements.

Do I want to get rid of my belly? I want to be able to touch my toes without turning my face red. No, I want to be more flexible, more happy working with what I have. if anything, making my lil a’s into b’s? Speaking of b’s, I really wanna host a rainbow minecraft with slaves and bitches and… oops, got distracted.. again. though 2nd life might be better.. ahem.

I stopped advertising my ass since last november, and must say, it’s free’d up some time, not that I’ve done much with it..

POF, ALT, locanto, and other craiglist alternatives have not provided me with more than fantasy and a lil bit of talk. Since single is d life for me, for now, I think I will continue without them.

OK. so the major resolution hitlist:

  1. Work on my body so I hurt less
  2. Cut online creep – kill/clean up profiles.
  3. Volunteer more
  4. Take a weekend alone, primped up, every so often.. -self date.
  5. Finish the apartment for guests, not just for self.
  6. Before April – renegotiate contracts – apt. work, self – ok, less a resolution

also, for my own fun,

  1. As of Jan 1st 11:06 – 24/7 chastity until I just can’t.. can I beat my …ahem.. 72 hrs?
  2. Jan 14 international male chastity (again with the 72hrs+)
  3. May – month of self gratification
  4. Jun 11-july 06th discrete feminization w help
  5. Loctober – might skip? or enter differently than self managed
  6. NO-vember – 1 month of self deprival, no pc, no tv, no “bought food”.
  7. 10th of every month, push my fem limits.
  8. 8 & 16 & 24 & ?32? of every month water plants
  9. monthly work on 3d printer
  10. monthly work on feminization
  11. monthly work on flexibility.

Please tell me your resolutions, your ideas, and what I might need to work on. I’m very open to DM’s..